The GReSI Award of Excellence 2021 was presented to two doctoral students for publishing their outstanding work.

The winners of the 2021 competition are:

  • Donald MacLean for the following article:
    MacLean, D., & Titah, R. (2022). “A Systematic Literature Review of Empirical Research on the Impacts of e‐Government: A Public Value Perspective”, Public Administration Review, 82(1), 23‐38; and
  • Théophile Demazure for the following article:
    Demazure, T., Karran, A., Léger, P. M., Labonté-LeMoyne, É., Sénécal, S., Fredette, M., & Babin, G. (2021). “Enhancing Sustained Attention: A Pilot Study on the Integration of a Brain-Computer Interface with an Enterprise Information System”, Business & Information Systems Engineering, 63(6), 653-668.

Congratulations to Donald and Théophile for their outstanding work!