Management of Information Technologies (IT)

  • Strategic Planning
  • Measurement of Sophistication Related to IT
  • IT Outsourcing
  • Individual and Organizational Impacts of IT

Development and Implementation of Information Systems

  • Risk Management in Development Projects
  • Management of User Involvement
  • Conflict Management
  • Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software (ex.: SAP, PeopleSoft)

Information Technologies supporting New Forms of Organizational Work

  • Virtual Organizations
  • Networking Organizations
  • Virtual Teams
  • Participative Management, Transparency and Innovation with IT
  • Communication Technologies

Information Technology and Electronic Commerce (e-Commerce)

  • Diverse Forms of Electronic Commerce
  • Role of Infomediaries
  • e-Commerce and New Industry Structures
  • Electronic Business Environments

Social Impacts of Information Technology

  • IT and Sustainable Development
  • IT and Local Development
  • Social Networks